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Week 9 Announcement

Oct 20 · 0 min read

Prof. Pemmaraju will host a tutorial on week 9 (Oct 20) on submodular function maximization with matroid constraints, which will serve as “Part 2” in the series of tutorials on submodular function optimization.

Week 8 Announcement

Oct 13 · 0 min read
  • David will give a presentation on week 8 (Oct 13)

Title: General overview of GCNs

Week 7 Announcement

Oct 6 · 0 min read
  • Prof. Bijaya Adhikari will give a presentation on week 7 (Oct 6)

Title: Exploiting and optimizing mobility to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections

Week 6 Announcement

Sep 29 · 0 min read
  • Jeff will lead discussion on week 6 (Sep 29) on the KDD 03 paper by Kempe, Kleinberg, and Tardos

Kempe D, Kleinberg J, Tardos É. Maximizing the spread of influence through a social network. InProceedings of the ninth ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining 2003 Aug 24 (pp. 137-146). Paper link

Week 5 Announcement

Sep 22 · 0 min read

Prof. Pemmaraju will host a tutorial on week 5 (Sep 22) on submodular functions

Week 4 Announcement

Sep 15 · 0 min read
  • Hasib will lead discussion on week 4 (Sep 15) on the NIPS 17 paper by Google research (Transformer network)

Vaswani A, Shazeer N, Parmar N, Uszkoreit J, Jones L, Gomez AN, Kaiser Ł, Polosukhin I. Attention is all you need. InAdvances in neural information processing systems 2017 (pp. 5998-6008). Paper link

Week 3 Announcement

Sep 8 · 0 min read
  • No meeting on week 2 (Sep 1)
  • Hankyu will lead discussion on week 3 (Sep 8) on the AAAI 20 paper by Google AI

Choi, E., Xu, Z., Li, Y., Dusenberry, M., Flores, G., Xue, E., & Dai, A. (2020). Learning the Graphical Structure of Electronic Health Records with Graph Convolutional Transformer. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 34(01), 606-613. Paper link

Week 1 Announcement

Aug 25 · 0 min read